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Paola Danese Personal Shopper

Hi, my name is Paola Danese. I was born in Sanremo but I have been living in Milan for many years now. It is here where I got my Master Degree in Brand Management and where I started to work in communications. Enthusiastic about life and its beauties, my passions are my main drive: diving, the sea, travelling, skiing... new and old passions that make me a happy and cheerful person.

Among all my passions elegance, going shopping, fashion and style are the ones who have always been part of me and of my day-to-day life. Mixing, trying and organising my outfits (clothes, colours and accessories) - at home or while travelling - it is something that I have always enjoyed.

I love going from shop to shop: sometimes to visit the ones I already know, where there is a good balance between quality and price; other times to explore new ones where unfortunately the experience has not always been so positive: even if the style might be right, the cuts are usually quite low quality. Hence the inevitably rating between “good” shops or “bad” ones.

Thinking about the different outfit combinations and finding the right accessorize (even an eccentric one if well coordinated), so to wear something different every day or a whole new outfit everyday, so for other people to think and say “Wow... You look stunning!” This is the reason why I decided to transform my passion into a job: to have fun while working and to make people appreciate the pleasure of elegance and style. To follow the fashion trends, without exceeding, to find the right outfits that best suit someone’s personality or life style.

I have just gotten my Personal Shopper certificate from Monica Sirani and I’m a member of the Italian Personal Shopper Association. I’m here to guide you into the fantastic world of your own style.

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